Under the leadership of the new sports director of the holding Artem Panchenko – one of the headliners of the basketball community Sports.ru.

Artyom Panchenko joined the Winstrike eSports holding team as a sports director. In the new position, Artyom, known to the basketball community as a match commentator, club breeder and general manager of Krasny Oktyabr, will be responsible for scouting and forming Winstrike teams for the e-sports disciplines of the holding and, in general, for the strategic development of the Winstrike Team in the market.

Artyom Panchenko, a twenty-nine-year-old, has gained fame as one of the headliners for Sports.ru, basketball commentator Viasat Sport, the breeder of BC Budivelnyk (Kiev) and several other basketball clubs, the general manager of the Red October (Volgograd). He left Red October in July 2014 after the only exit from the playoff team of the VTB United League, getting into the Eurocup and winning Russian Cup medals, knocking out CSKA Moscow in the quarterfinal series. Since 2014, Panchenko has been engaged in business, private consulting practice in scouting and selection and public activity, rejecting several job offers in the VTB United League.

Artyom Panchenko, sports director of Winstrike holding: “I consider the signing of a contract with Winstrike and a transition to a completely different sport to be an example of a terrific“ challenge ”. Since 20 years I have been in the sport of high achievements, it forces you at a certain moment to look at everything from the outside and accept that professional sport in this space is anything but sports, and there are all principles, but not sports. Then you make a choice: either you agree to roll it, like a dung beetle, to get dirty, or you step back until there is a really worthwhile option where you can actually shoot. Winstrike – this is exactly the option for today. In the past few years I was lucky to exist in a standing team, and when I came to get acquainted with Yaroslav Komkov, Oleg Sukalkin and their employees – I understood in twenty minutes that my place is here, you’ve already noticed with these eyes that it’s definitely worth trying loosen the industry. It remains only to compare personal ambitions with the ambitions of the organization, enter the “NBA-out” and take on the systematization of processes. It is not interesting for me to come and scratch myself one place for salary and grief not to know: either come to really do, or just do not hang out. And how could it be otherwise in a competitive environment? Who will follow you, if you tell them something like “sit on a salary and get high on what you are involved”? This is the challenge: to come to a completely new environment, adapt and introduce everything you know, play ahead of time, when eSports in a year passes the growth that other sports took place in twenty, and in the end just gut all today’s ideas about how this should work. It will be difficult, it is already clear that I don’t sleep much at night, but when did it stop me? ”